Lourdes Paraiso Wedding

Lourdes Hernández

Sales Executive
Paraíso Wedding

Paraíso Wedding services:

• Planning your wedding or elopement.
• Venue search & scouting.
• Budget management.
• Supplies management.
• Styling & design.
• Guest hospitality.
• Onsite set up.
• Event coordination.
• Legal assistance.
• Support throughout the entire process.

A big event is always a huge test of your mental and physical well-being. With Paraíso Wedding, you can forget about stress, as we will clarify your vision, pitch creative ideas and bring your dreams to life. Your vision and our expertise will make your important day uniquely personal and truly elegant. You will also save precious time and money by giving us a chance to help you organize the wedding or elopement that you will remember forever.

We will be your trusted confidants from the get-go, drawing out the aspects that are special to you as well as designing and planning your wedding from the ground up so that it’s totally unique to you. Our services are the best way to guarantee a stress-free planning experience.