Why should you hire a wedding planner in Mexico?

There are many things to consider ahead of your wedding in Mexico, and one of them is whether you should find a wedding planner to help and support you throughout the organizing process. 

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This post is meant to provide a guide on how to work with your wedding planner in Mexico. And although our work is focused on passing the burden of event-organizing from your shoulders to ours, the start could be a little confusing.

So, let’s get to it step-by-step.

Why should you hire a wedding planner at all?

If you have planned any kind of event – for your children, for example, or maybe for your friends –, you already have an idea. Organizing takes a lot of time and also involves a lot of responsibility. And as you will be celebrating a wedding, it’s better to spend that precious time on yourselves and enjoy it together with your friends and family.

Saving time is already a lot, but not everything! Most couples do have a strict budget. And our work as wedding planners is to make sure you get the most for your money by getting the best deals & quality from local suppliers that we know and are working with. Those include florists, caterers, musicians, stylists, and, of course, wedding photographers.

And that will not only eliminate the need to search for the best suppliers on Google by yourself. Securing a vendor comes with plenty of contracts and paperwork. And you will also – here goes a country-specific issue – not have to deal with local lateness.

Perhaps you already know that, but only a few things are made on time in Mexico. When Paraíso Wedding was just starting, we were always working against the clock because of that: tables arrived just hours prior to the ceremony, waiters didn’t show up, portable power station constantly ran out of gas, you name it! But thanks to years of experience working in the local market, we can make sure that scheduling is done well and everything is prepared, installed, cooked and served on time.

Not enough? Well, our work also includes designing the wedding for your liking, so there is no need to spend hours on Pinterest while looking for a great centerpiece. And, by the way, we don’t share a lot of unique designs and creations on social media to keep them secret. Anyways, Paraíso Wedding planner has a completely personalized approach and we will brainstorm something that you will love and your guests will remember!

Still not enough? We will help to find the answer to all the tricky questions, design & send the invitations, take care of plane tickets and hotel reservations if needed… And also provide you support from day one until you head off on your honeymoon!

Ok, I want a wedding planner now! How do I proceed?

How to work with your wedding planner in Mexico?

If you scrolled directly to this section, check our services first and then head to the contact page. There you will find a form to fill with your name, some other essential information and a message. If you feel inspired to work with us, please add as many details as possible, including your preferred form of communication, potential dates, your vision, wedding style (colors, themes, flowers) and any other information you wish to share.

It is important that you decide on the location first. You can visit our Destinations page which is still in the works and is being updated, but Paraíso Wedding planner works across Mexico and we can organize your big event at any venue. If you still did not decide on that – no worries.

After you send us the form, we will pick it from there and pitch you some wonderful locations, ideas, designs and other important details over a video call. And if everything goes smoothly, we will prepare the contract, send it to you and will start planning your event. It’s that simple!

Are you ready to embark on your love journey with Paraíso Wedding planner?
We certainly hope so!

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