San Miguel de Allende wedding

San Miguel de Allende wedding: plan your romantic colonial-style destination wedding

Celebrate your San Miguel de Allende wedding with us! San Miguel de Allende is a charming city in the state of Guanajuato, known for its picturesque streets, stunning architecture, and colorful culture. We will make your special day intimate, elegant and unforgettable. We highly recommend San Miguel de Allende weddings, but if you have a different wedding in Mexico location in mind, please check out our “Destinations” page for more options.

San MIguel de Allende wedding organizied by Paraíso wedding planner in Mexico

San Miguel de Allende Wedding: A Romantic Colonial-Style Destination for weddings

San Miguel de Allende is a stunning location for those seeking a romantic colonial-style destination wedding. The city is known for its well-preserved Spanish-colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and picturesque courtyards; it offers a unique blend of Mexican culture and a touch of French sophistication, making it an ideal place to celebrate love and commitment.

Destination San Miguel de Allende weddings can be complicated to plan, which is why hiring a wedding planner who works in the city can be very beneficial. Paraíso Wedding is familiar with the local wedding scene and can help you find and choose the best venues, florists, caterers, and other vendors. We can also take care of travel documents, travel arrangements, and accommodations for the wedding guests.

San Miguel de Allende offers a variety of venues to host a wedding. From haciendas, villas, and grand hotels to intimate gardens and hacienda-style mansions, there is a space for every couple’s taste and budget. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting, a grand ballroom or a quiet terrace, San Miguel de Allende has the perfect spot to celebrate your love.

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Why design a San Miguel de Allende Wedding with us?

At Paraíso Wedding, we create romantic colonial-style weddings that are personal and elegant. Forget about stress, we’ll take care of everything from clarifying your vision to pitching creative ideas that bring your dreams to life. Your vision combined with our expertise will create a wedding that reflects your unique style.

San Miguel de Allende wedding experience

If you’re looking for an unforgettable destination wedding, we offer a unique, sophisticated and magical experience. Our team of expert wedding planners will handle everything from the ceremony to the reception, including catering, floral design, wedding gown, and photography.

We work with the best vendors in San Miguel de Allende to ensure that every detail is perfect.

Facts to know about ahead of your romantic San Miguel wedding

San Miguel de Allende’s rich culture and history make it an ideal backdrop for a wedding celebration. During the big day, you can incorporate Mexican traditions such mariachi music, tequila toasts, as well as other options for the decor and menu. The Instituto Allende, a local art school, can also provide workshops for those who want to incorporate local art and tapestry into their wedding day.

San Miguel de Allende as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

It is also important to know that the Protective town of San Miguel and the Sanctuary of Jesús Nazareno de Atotonilco were both designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2008. The area of designation includes a part of San Miguel de Allende and Atotonilco, which are located about 14 kilometers apart. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is highlighted by a core zone in San Miguel de Allende’s historic center, which is home to a large number of well-preserved buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. Meanwhile, the other part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is located about 14 kilometers north of the city, at the Sanctuary of Atotonilco. The unique combination of both sites provides an exceptional illustration of the interchange of human values and the merging of cultural traditions that took place in this part of Mexico during the colonial period.

Top San Miguel de Allende Wedding Venues: Villa, Hotel, Resort, Hacienda & More

San Miguel de Allende weddings are perfect for couples who want a romantic colonial-style destination wedding. With so many venues to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to pick. Celebrating your big day at Casa Adela is a great option, with its stunning views of the city and an antique ballroom that will make your wedding day unforgettable. Rosewood San Miguel is another excellent choice, with its French-inspired architecture and sophisticated elegance. Hacienda La Romita is perfect for intimate weddings, with its outdoor terraces and lush greenery providing a magical setting for your big day.

Keep in mind that previously popular Casa Chorro is no longer available for weddings in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Paraíso Wedding will provide you with the best wedding venue options that fit your budget. No matter which venue you choose, you can rest assured that your wedding day will be unforgettable. San Miguel de Allende is a magical place for your special day, and the city’s rich culture, picturesque architecture, and stunning natural beauty will make your wedding a truly memorable experience.

The best San Miguel de Allende, Mexico wedding activities Before & After the ceremony

San Miguel de Allende weddings offer a plethora of activities for couples and their guests. From exploring the city’s colonial-style architecture to enjoying the local cuisine and nightlife, the city has something to offer for everyone. You and your guests can take a day trip to Cañada de La Virgen or visit the Botanical Garden to experience the region’s natural beauty. Meanwhile, exploring the Sanctuary of Atotonilco is a must-see for anyone interested in culture and history.

There are also plenty of free activities to enjoy. Take a walk to a viewpoint to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, or visit the home of Ignacio Allende, a national hero of the Mexican War of Independence. A walking tour of the city’s historic sites is also an excellent way to explore the area.

Additional San Miguel wedding activities

You and your guests can also dive into the art scene by visiting Fabrica La Aurora or attending one of the many local festivals. For those who prefer to relax, it is possible to do so at a café or while enjoying a show at the local theater. Meanwhile, those who want to experience the city’s nightlife can party it up in a dive bar or enjoy drinks with a view.

Other activities include biking, studying Spanish, or taking a dip in the thermal baths. Foodies can eat their way around the city by visiting local markets and trying the region’s famous tequilas. You and your guests can even fly high in a hot air balloon to see the magical sunsets over San Miguel de Allende.

San Miguel de Allende Wedding Planners: Paraíso Wedding

Paraíso Wedding is one of the best wedding planners in San Miguel de Allende. Planning a San Miguel de Allende wedding can be overwhelming, especially for couples who do not live in the area. We have experience in organizing San Miguel de Allende weddings and are in constant contact with the best wedding venues and vendors. Our expertise can save you time and money, as well as prevent headaches and stress.

Traveling to a new location and organizing a wedding can become quite a hard task, especially if you do not speak Spanish. Thus we will take care of logistics, travel documents, currency exchange and language barriers. We will also help you understand the climate, culture, and etiquette of the region.

What to expect for your San Miguel wedding?

Paraíso Wedding specializes in romantic colonial-style weddings, which are a popular choice in San Miguel de Allende. We understand the importance of creating a sophisticated and elegant ambiance for your big day that matches the town’s charming and historic architecture. We will provide guidance on wedding gown and bridal party attire, including accessories and beauty services; as well as incorporate antique or cultural elements, such as tapestry, mariachi or salsa dancing if you so desire.

Paraíso Wedding offers several wedding packages with different pricing to suit your budget. We work with exclusive venues including villas, haciendas and hotels. We will also create a personalized wedding checklist and timeline, as well as a gift registry, offer services such as catering, cocktail hour, dinner, cake, floral design, lighting, music, photography, videography and much more. Plus we can also arrange outdoor activities such as horseback riding, spa treatments, wine tasting or city tours.

Beyond your San Miguel de Allende Wedding: planning your honeymoon

After the magical and romantic San Miguel de Allende wedding, it’s time for newlyweds to embark on a honeymoon adventure that will create unforgettable memories. The good news is that Paraiso Wedding can help you plan the perfect honeymoon, no matter where in the world you want to go.

If you have already had a wedding and are planning to have a honeymoon in San Miguel de Allende, you can also contact us. Perhaps you’re looking for a secluded villa with an antique design, cultural tapestry, or colonial-style architecture that can provide a multicultural experience. Or maybe a relaxing honeymoon spa resort is more your style, complete with tulle curtains, citrus-colored flowers, and soothing fragrances. You may also prefer horseback riding through vineyards or spending your evenings enjoying the nightlife.

Paraiso Wedding can help you plan an exceptional honeymoon that meets your preferences, budget. Contact us for more information on pricing and reservations.

How to contact Paraíso Wedding and start planning your destination wedding in San Miguel de Allende?

Are you thinking about a San Miguel de Allende wedding? At Paraíso Wedding, we can help you create a magical colonial-style wedding in this enchanting town. Regarded as one of the best wedding planners in the region, we would love to make your wedding day unforgettable.

To get started with planning your San Miguel de Allende wedding, you can reach out to us in several ways. Firstly, you can visit our website and go to our Contact page. There, you can fill out a form and submit it to us. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact us through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Follow us to keep updated on the latest wedding trends, get inspired by our wedding photos, and get in touch with us through direct messaging. Also, you can read our blog posts and leave comments or ask for more information.

If you prefer more direct communication, you can give us a call or write to us at our email address. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about San Miguel de Allende weddings or our wedding planning services.

FAQs & Information About Romantic San Miguel de Allende Weddings

Hello and welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. Here we will answer some of the most popular questions about San Miguel de Allende weddings. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

General Info & FAQs about San Miguel Weddings

What is the best time of year to get married in San Miguel de Allende?

November, December, January, February, March and April are the months to keep in mind when planning your San Miguel wedding. During these months, you will have a better chance of enjoying sunny, warm weather during your special day. Although San Miguel’s climate doesn’t vary too much throughout the year, November through April experiences less rainfall than the summer months.

The city’s climate is a plus for couples who want to celebrate their wedding in San Miguel. The location has a mild climate with sunny days and cool nights. It’s an excellent place for an outdoor ceremony, a cocktail hour, or a reception under the stars.

How much does it cost to have a San Miguel de Allende wedding?

San Miguel de Allende weddings are unique and elegant, offering colonial-style venues and magical settings. Pricing for a wedding in San Miguel de Allende can vary depending on the venue, vendors and other factors. Paraiso Wedding will provide you with the best options that suit your budget.

When you work with Paraiso Wedding, you can rest assured that your wedding will be planned to the last detail. We have worked with numerous venues and vendors in the area and can negotiate the best prices for you.

What are some of the most popular wedding themes in San Miguel de Allende?

San Miguel de Allende is the perfect destination for those seeking a romantic, colonial-style wedding. So it’s no surprise that one of the most popular wedding themes in San Miguel de Allende is a Colonial-style wedding. However, there are countless themes to choose from for your San Miguel de Allende wedding.

At Paraíso Wedding, we believe that the theme of the wedding should reflect you as a couple. Our expert wedding planners take time to get to know you through video calls and in-person meetings to create a unique wedding day that reflects your interests, preferences, and desires.

No matter what theme you choose, we will make sure that your wedding day is memorable and magical, with attention to every detail.

FAQs and info about San Miguel wedding planning services

What services does Paraíso Wedding offer in San Miguel de Allende?

Paraíso Wedding offers exclusive and complete wedding planning in San Miguel de Allende service to create your dream wedding. We handle everything from start to finish, including venue search and scouting, budget and supplies management, styling and design, digital invitations, guest hospitality, on-site setup, event coordination, legal assistance, and support throughout the entire process. Our service is designed to cover every detail of your special day, and we’re here to guide and support you along the way.

As an optional part of our complete wedding planner package, we also offer a range of organizing services, including touristic experiences in San Miguel de Allende and professional live coverage of the wedding on your social media. We understand that every couple has different needs, preferences, and budgets, which is why we provide personalized services tailored to your specific requirements.

How far in advance should I book Paraíso Wedding?

To ensure the best experience for the bride and groom, we recommend booking our services one year in advance. This lead time allows us to design and plan your dream wedding down to the last detail.

However, if you’re working with a tighter schedule, don’t worry, we can still help you create a magical San Miguel de Allende wedding. Our team of expert wedding planners will work with you to organize everything, from the venue to the catering, flowers, and photography, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable day.

Does Paraíso Wedding offer San Miguel de Allende wedding packages?

At Paraíso Wedding, we believe that every couple has unique preferences and desires for their special day. Therefore, we prefer to tailor each wedding to the couple’s needs, rather than offer a one-size-fits-all wedding package. We believe that the San Miguel de Allende wedding experience is one-of-a-kind and should be treated as such. We will be with you all the way to provide you with personalized service that captures the essence of your love story.

Can you help with travel arrangements for my San Miguel de Allende wedding guests?

Yes, we will help you with travel arrangements for your San Miguel de Allende wedding guests, ensuring they have a smooth journey and comfortable stay. We understand that travel and accommodation logistics can be a daunting task, especially when organizing a wedding. We want to take that pressure off you so you can focus on enjoying your big day.

We have worked with many couples hosting San Miguel de Allende weddings, and we know the best hotels, villas, and haciendas that your guests will love. We can secure the best pricing and amenities for your guests to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Additional FAQs and info about Paraíso Wedding

Does Paraíso Wedding have experience with multicultural weddings?

Yes, we have ample experience with multicultural weddings. As a matter of fact, the founders of Paraíso Wedding are a multicultural couple themselves, thus we understand how essential it is to highlight the different cultures of the bride and groom during a San Miguel de Allende wedding. We can assure you that your big day, regardless of your culture, will be planned with the utmost attention to detail.

Does Paraíso Wedding offer wedding planning for same-sex couples?

Yes, we do have experience in working with same-sex couples and organizing an LGBTQ+ wedding in San Miguel de Allende will be our honor. At Paraíso Wedding, we believe in celebrating love in all its forms and providing equal opportunities to all our clients. As experienced wedding planners, we are proud to offer our services to all couples, regardless of their gender or orientation.

Can Paraíso Wedding help with San Miguel de Allende wedding design and décor?

Yes, we can help design and decorate your wedding in a unique style that reflects you as a couple. Actually, this is one of our main tasks. Contact us today to start planning your dream wedding in San Miguel de Allende!

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