Icebreaker party

Mexico Icebreaker Party

Paraíso Wedding follows the latest trends in event organizing to make sure your celebration is flawless and stress-free. That is why we offer Mexico Icebreaker Party planning for couples, their families and friends.

But what is it exactly?

Icebreaker party is an event held one or several days before the wedding in an intimate setting so that guests can get to know each other better and enjoy tourist activities at a Mexican destination. It is the most appropriate time for the couple to catch up with friends who have traveled from far away, as there will be less time for that during the actual celebration. Icebreaker Party is also perfect when friends and family of the bride and groom haven’t had a chance to get to know each other!

For this Icebreaker party in Puerto Escondido, we chose a luxury space called Las Marianas located away from the city center, that offers a rustic, elegant and intimate space for the guests.

Venue: Las Marianas
Photography: Gustavo Nigenda
Event planner: Paraiso Wedding

Mexico Icebreaker party
Icebreaker party activities
Mexico Icebreaker party

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