Sustainable Wedding in Puerto Escondido

Embracing Nature's Love: A Sustainable Wedding in Puerto Escondido

Welcome to the enchanting world of Lillian and Gonzalo’s sustainable wedding. As their planners, we are thrilled to share this unforgettable ecologic Puerto Escondido wedding celebration that took place amidst the beauty of nature and a commitment to sustainability. Join us as we dive into the magical journey of their love story and how their union showcased the perfect harmony between romance and environmental consciousness.

Sustainable Wedding: Love Is Flourishing in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, a hidden gem on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, was the idyllic setting for Lillian and Gonzalo’s love to bloom. The picturesque beaches, lush greenery, and breathtaking sunsets made it the ideal backdrop for their sustainable wedding. Their love story, like the waves of the ocean, was strong and ever-flowing, and their desire to honor nature through their union was the guiding force behind the planning of this remarkable eco-friendly event.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning

From the beginning, Lillian and Gonzalo were determined to make their wedding as environmentally conscious as possible. We, as their wedding planners, enthusiastically embraced this sustainable vision. Every decision, from the wedding venue to the decor, was carefully chosen to minimize the ecological impact.

Casa Punta Zul: The Perfect Sustainable Wedding Venue

The couple chose a beautiful oceanfront home known for its sustainable practices. Not only did the house offer a stunning setting, but nature was included in its design from the start, respecting its boundaries and making a portal to another universe.

Sustainable Wedding Invitations

To reduce paper waste, we designed digital invitations for the guests, with charming designs that reflected the couple’s love of nature. The use of technology allowed them to share their excitement and reduce their carbon footprint. 

In addition, digital invitations allowed us to collect important information such as dietary restrictions, disabilities, special conditions, or other requirements so that on the day of the eco-friendly wedding, guests could experience the best possible service.

Zero-Waste Catering

Lillian and Gonzalo were passionate about serving delicious cuisine without harming the environment. The Sativa team provided a delicious menu sourced from local organic farms, minimizing transportation emissions, all the tableware was made of clay, no plastic or desirable materials were used in the process, and we made sure there was no leftover food.

Eco-Chic Decor and Greenery

No wedding can be zero-waste, but it is possible to employ environmentally-conscious practices. These were some of our practices…

Sustainable Wedding Practices

Renting floral decorations

One of the biggest waste weddings generate has to do with floral decorations. One of the focal points of the decor for this sustainable wedding was Pampa Grass. This beautiful plant is preserved, and many florists have the option of selling or renting them so that it can be reused as many times as possible and not end up in the trash the day after the wedding.

Reusing floral arrangements

The ceremony is the most important moment of a wedding, and making it look beautiful is a priority for most couples. However, this does not mean that we should waste resources and use them only once.

On this occasion, at the end of the ceremony, we took the floral arrangements from the path to the altar to complete the decoration of the tables at the time of the reception. If you want to do this, you only have to communicate your idea to your wedding planner or the florist team, so they can create versatile and easy-to-transport arrangements.

Sustainable and biodegradable confetti

Paraíso Wedding created confetti from fallen tree leaves, which added bursts of vibrant color to the festivities without harming the environment. If you want to add this touch, we recommend you start collecting the leaves well in advance and invite all your friends to punch them several days before the wedding, as it is a long and tiring process. In the end, it was well worth it!

Eco-friendly furniture And Frieght

Freight is one of the most relevant items in the wedding budget. The more items we add, the bigger the truck that transports them has to be, which equals more time on the road and more gasoline used.

For this wedding in Puerto Escondido, we rented only what was necessary and reused some elements. For example, the chairs from the ceremony were also used for the dinner. The high tables also had a double purpose, as they were used as support for the ceremony. If you want to do this at your wedding, you just have to coordinate these details with the logistics team and explain your vision beforehand. 

We also substituted certain elements, such as the large lounge spaces used as a cocktail area for a picnic area, with tea tables and cushions where guests could sit at ease and enjoy the starry night sky.

Upcycled centerpieces

The reception tables can be adorned with upcycled vases and bottles filled with local flowers and foliage. The centerpiece arrangements at this sustainable wedding added an elegant touch while reducing waste and promoting sustainable decor practices.

The wedding decor was a masterpiece of eco-chic creativity. The use of recycled materials, earthy tones, and abundant greenery perfectly complemented the natural surroundings of Puerto Escondido.

Embracing Nature - A Meaningful and Sustainable Ceremony

This sustainable ceremony was a heartwarming reflection of the couple’s love for each other and their connection to nature. It was a unique and non-traditional ceremony, thoughtfully crafted by the couple to honor their beliefs and values while paying homage to the four elements that govern life.

The couple’s creativity and ingenuity shone through as they incorporated a variety of meaningful rituals, each symbolizing a different element.

Candle Ceremony celebrates the fire

The Candle Ceremony symbolized the element of fire, representing passion, energy, and the eternal flame of their love. As they lit the candle together, their commitment to igniting a lifelong bond was evident for all to see.

Sand Ceremony celebrates the earth

Next came the Sand Ceremony, signifying the element of earth. The couple poured sand from separate containers into one, blending their lives and families into a harmonious union. This act not only represented their togetherness but also acknowledged the strength and stability that they found in each other.

Mezcal celebrates the Water Element at a Sustainable Wedding

To symbolize the element of water, Lillian and Gonzalo incorporated a unique tradition of taking mezcal shots together. As they raised their glasses, they toasted to the fluidity and adaptability of their relationship, promising to navigate life’s challenges with grace and unity.

Lazo Ceremony Celebrates the Air

Finally, they performed the Lazo ceremony to symbolize the surrounding air. The Lazo was draped over the couple’s shoulders, forming an infinity symbol that represented their eternal love. This gesture signified the unbreakable bond they shared and the promise to always support and uplift each other throughout their journey together.

Sustainable Wedding and Commitment to Nature

With each ritual, Lillian and Gonzalo made a profound statement about their values and their commitment to living in harmony with nature and each other. Their non-traditional approach to the ceremony showcased their desire to embrace both their spirituality and their love for the environment, and it touched the hearts of all who witnessed it.

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Love: A Great Protagonist of a Sustainable Puerto Escondido Wedding

As the sun set over the horizon, casting a warm glow on the couple and their guests, it became evident that this wedding was not just a union of two souls but a celebration of life, love, and the natural world. Lillian and Gonzalo’s meaningful wedding served as a powerful reminder that love and nature are intertwined and that honoring both can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling journey together.

Sustainable Wedding Vendors in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Venue: Casa Punta Zul
Photography: Homero Lujan
MUAH: Melina Reyes 
Event planning & decorations: Paraíso Wedding
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