Get legally married in Mexico: guide for foreigners

Getting legally married in Mexico as a foreigner is not as complicated as you may have heard. Foreigners can easily celebrate a wedding in Mexico. Once you have a passport, tourist permit, and some other relevant documents, you can go ahead with your marriage plans without hitches.

Get legally married in Mexico

Good enough, there are lots of amazing places to give your spouse a lifetime experience in Mexico. This article explains the process of getting married in Mexico as a foreigner step-by-step.

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Before starting this process, here is the documentation you need from the Mexico state registry.

Documents required to get legally married in Mexico

  • Valid passport.
  • Valid permit, either Visa or a migration form.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Death certificate if any of the spouses or both are widowed.
  • Legal parental approval document if one or both parties are under 18.
  • Divorce certificate if any of both spouses are divorced.
  • Foreign marriage permit Pre-nuptial medical (Blood test results and Chest X-rays) certificate, obtained in Mexico.
  • Marriage application form from the local registry.
  • Payment of established fee by the civil registry office.
  • Other documents that might be required by your municipality.

Aside from your state of residence, the type of wedding you have in mind also influences the documents required to get married in Mexico. Make sure you translate all your documents into Spanish and not arise them with the Mexican consulate.

Also, all foreign documents must have the apostille stamp that authenticates them. You have to be in Mexico for three working days before the wedding date excluding national holidays.

Also, note that people under the age of 18 are not legally permitted to get married without the consent of their parents or legal guardian. Two qualified adults must be present at the wedding as witnesses.

Process of getting legally married in Mexico

In Mexico, civil weddings are legally recognized. Religious and ceremonial weddings, although common in the country, still require a little civil component like documentation. This allows the marriage to gain the recognition of the registry office.

If you plan to get legally married in Mexico, here is a rundown of the processes involved:

  • Hire a wedding planner in Mexico to help you with legal issues.
  • Visit the Mexico registry office to get the application form and fill it out
  • Get a blood test and X-ray from your physician in Mexico
  • Pay the marriage license fee.
  • If your fiance(é) is Mexican, you will have to apply for a foreign marriage permit and require it from the same jurisdiction where the marriage will take place.
  • After the ceremony, get your marriage certificate “Acta de Matrimonio” copy from your registry.

Truth is, foreigners can easily get married in Mexico if they have a good knowledge of the steps to take. To get married in Mexico as a foreigner you will need to gather the required documents, get an application form from the Mexico registry, and get medically tested. Afterward, pay the marriage license fee and collect your certificate after the ceremony.

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