LGBT wedding in Mexico is a great option for any couple

A wedding experience stays with you forever, so you should give it your all. If you’re hoping to have your LGBT wedding in Mexico, you’re on the right track. As same-sex marriage continues to gain more legal recognition in different parts of the world, this country has long hopped on the train.

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What does this tell you? No one will discriminate against you for your choice of whom to love. After all, you deserve to be happy. Read on to find out why Mexico is a great place for LGBTQI+ weddings.

Why should you celebrate your LGBT wedding in Mexico?

Considering having your LGBT wedding in Mexico? Here are some reasons why it is a great place to celebrate your love:

Many options for an LGBT wedding

Mexico has more options for a legal LGBT ceremony than most gay-supporting countries and the process for a legal wedding is quite straightforward. You can have a civil wedding at any state registry that allows for same-sex ceremonies. All you need to do is get the necessary documents from your municipality.

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If you want to get married on the beach, you don’t need to have a legal marriage first, unlike places like Bora Bora. You can always have an elopement. The church is no exception, as you can also have a religious same-sex wedding in Mexico. In 2010, Mexico City became the very first state in a mostly Roman Catholic country to allow same-sex couples to marry legally. Once you get a certified letter from the Catholic church priest, you’re good to go!

An LGBT-friendly country

Mexico remains the home of same-sex weddings in Latin America. Ever heard of Zona Romantica in Puerto Vallarta, a trendy south side neighborhood, bustling with lively gay bars? Mexico passed the 2009 same-sex bill into law in 2010. In 2015, the Supreme Court further said that laws banning same-sex marriages were discriminatory.

More so, all same-sex marriages performed on Mexican soil or outside must be recognized by the country at a federal level. Since the ruling, 26 states have legalized same-sex ceremonies, and there have been over 3000 registered gay weddings ever since then.

A rich environment

A rich environment ultimately contributes to an outstanding wedding experience, and it’s no secret that Mexico is a magical country. LGBT weddings in Mexico are interesting, thanks to the availability of many great places and resorts. This means that you can have a memorable celebration. 

The hotels are LGBT-friendly and we, as wedding planners in Mexico, are committed to giving you the best experience tailored to your needs, including your budget.

Government benefits

Getting married in Mexico offers you a lot of benefits. With the “Acta De Matrimonio” – marriage certificate – and an injunction from the judge, every state in Mexico will recognize your wedding.

And foreigners can easily get married in Mexico, unlike in most countries. When you get married as a foreigner and your spouse is from this country, you can get full government benefits and rights as covered by the Constitution. Also, you will receive a one-year Temporary Resident visa. You can renew the visa every year-end and then qualify for a Permanent Residency.

Bottom line

Hoping to have your LGBT wedding in Mexico? You’re completely making the right choice. Mexico is where you can be happy with your spouse. Moreover, it’s a beautiful country with amazing places for LGBT weddings.

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If you are planning on celebrating your wedding in Mexico, learn more about our services and contact Paraíso Wedding.

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